Manish Gaur

Mental Health and Wellness 

Meet Manish Bobby Gaur

Manish Gaur, based in Boulder, Colorado, is a mental health professional and an associate broker. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Counseling, but he has been involved in the mental health and wellness industry for over two decades. 

Manish Gaur, who himself had experienced family violence and loss of his parents at an early age started working with teens at the age of eighteen. The programs he designed for at-risk youth, provided him the ability to help better the lives of others. He was able to connect with children who would have otherwise turned to gang life or criminal careers. In this job, Manish found the clarity he needed. He realized that he could focus his energy on helping those who tend to be ignored in our society.

When he was 26 years old, Manish began working for the Department of Health in New Mexico on the tobacco task force, alongside the state police. The task force involved heavy travel and long hours, but the real strain came from the intimidation and scare tactics the job entailed. For Manish, such intimidation took a toll and he longed for a career that would let him connect with people, to help them.

After some time, Manish took a job at a day program for adults with disabilities in Santa Fe. Once more, he realized there was a whole population of individuals who were lacking comprehensive programs, funding, and resources to thrive. He began creating outreach and community programs for adults suffering disabilities, further enhancing his company’s connections and the lives of their patients. 

For many of those suffering with disabilities, their lives are without basic freedoms—the actions and daily choices are dictated for them. These individuals have just as much talent and passion as anyone else, yet find it difficult to assimilate into their community for lack of opportunity. The programs Manish Gaur developed and launched to his company helped teach those with disabilities important skills and presented them with valuable growth opportunities. 

Looking back over the past 25 years, Manish is grateful for the positions he has held—they taught him valuable lessons, guided his purpose, and provided priceless experiences. Now, he is applying everything he learned along the way to his graduate studies in Counseling. 

Adopting a more holistic approach, Manish believes that counseling is an incredibly powerful tool because  people are able to put words to their emotions. To a lot of people, this is not a skill that is taught as they grow up due to societal stigmas. Through implementing talk therapy, behavioral therapy, shadow side, Manish Gaur hopes his future position as a counselor will help his patients to see the patterns in life that trigger negative thoughts or experiences, especially those who have experienced violence and trauma in their lives.