Great progress has been made in recent years to treat various mental health disorders that, in the past, would have negatively impacted a person’s life. Medication for specific disorders, combined with therapy, make life easier for a person who struggles with depression, anxiety, and other illnesses.

While science and medicine shed light on mental health, there remains a lack of progress when it comes to overcoming the social stigma many people hold towards strugglers. It’s nothing new; humans tend to fear what they do not understand, and as a result, they avoid or mock it.

Here are some ways we can battle the stigma against mental health to make the world easier for everyone.

Talk About It

It has been a common practice to keep the issue of mental health hushed away. We don’t want to make visitors uncomfortable by talking about depression at the dinner table. While it is important to choose prudent moments to discuss mental health and its darker side, these conversations need to happen.

As we continue to discuss mental health in public, we will make progress in eliminating the fear of it.

Show Compassion

You might not understand what your struggling friend is going through, but you’re helping her bear the pain by listening. It’s all right if you don’t know everything about her condition–but love her anyway, and let her know that you do.


Like every other problem in life, mental health issues are easier to bear when a person feels they are not alone.

Raise Awareness

Use social media to raise awareness about mental health and the stigma that might complicate life for sufferers. The Internet is a powerful source; if you share one post, it might be shared in turn by hundreds of other people, going viral.

Your voice matters. More than ever, you can make a difference by sharing the facts with your online contacts.

When everyone can live in peace despite their health conditions, the world will be a more welcoming place. Do these simple things to help battle mental health stigma. You never know how many lives you might change.